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Fertile Slave Elves hentai chapters, download doujinshi hentai, download incest as for 'Adult (R18)', therefore may contain intense violent, blood/gore, sexual.

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Of Being and Becoming The continuing story of a couples descent into debauchery. Lana and the Dark Brothers Pt.

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The Taming of Lucifer A fallen archangel lands on earth and begins their story. Growing Sissy's on Granny's Farm A self-sucking teen, his horny granny and becoming a girl.

only to those with AO3 Accounts), and it will be available to AO3 personnel. background, country of origin, sexual identity and/or personal relationships.

Little Heifer Gets Used I am taken and used by friends. Humiliation Punishment Enslaved for a day after being caught sniffing panties. Tannah The Whore Pt. A Ponyboy in Pink A recently converted ponyboy serves his elven mistresses. A Kitten and Her Master Ch.

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Lana and storkes Dark Brothers Lana is bought by two mercenaries. Collette Submits to Brick Collette gives her control over to a new Dominant.

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Candi is a Sissy Cam Girl Ch. A Mind to Forget Far into the future, a ravaged community has many cultures. A Crimson Domme Ch.

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Master's Exhibitionist Master had an idea A Christmas Abduction Ch. Then play with her pussy.

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Move close and lick her. Ask her to turn around and touch her ass. Release her thong and ask her to finger herself.

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Ask her to suck her finger. Storiea her you would try. You got the mum. If you want the mum, there is no need to say anything else to Trixie, but just grab the rope from her barn.

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Then go talk to Wendy but don't comment on her black dress and don't need to ask her to go for a break the first time. Leave her and go to Terence, and grab that weed.

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Part 1 Revised Tales of Ancient Rome 5: Heir to the Throne no codes by author by ninja5 Review It! Part 1 Revised Again!

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Part 2 Heir to the Throne no codes by author by ninja5 Review It! Part 2 Tales of Ancient Slaver 5: Tales of Ancient Rome 5: Part 1 Revised Tales of Ancient Rome 3: Part 3 Tales of Ancient Rome 4: Tales gay stories of farm slavery Ancient Rome 4: Part 9 Tales of Ancient Rome 2: Using the Useless feet bondage by Heel Review It!

After School Correction Group! Claiming Melissa no codes by author by H. Part 5 The Perfect Chastity Belt?

5 Things I Learned as a Sex Slave in Modern America

Part 34 Heather Duncan: T by Ari Review It! Waiting no codes by author by A. The Perfect Chastity Belt? The Execution Center snuff consensual Extreme by A.

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Four Gay doctors indianapolis no codes by author by A. Your turn for maintenance Black Charity gay stories of farm slavery codes by author by A. Heroes are slaves and All Might is missing. All she knows is she's terrified and wants out of there, when the Todoroki's of that world want her to stay and replace their cruel o.

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Emma Swan is a successful soccer star who was born with a dick. Regina Mills in the escort she hires to give her the 'Girlfriend Experience' but it turns into more. Little does Emma know, Regina is actually a victim of Mr Gold's sex slavery trade.

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What will they have to risk to slaevry together? The first order has won and it established a small planet as a place where female prisoners are brought in to be trained as pleasure slaves.

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The facility is a secret of course. One side of the planet is a resort for high-officials and the very wealthy to relax and use the trained slaves in whatever way that pleases them.

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The other side is a training facility where the girls must go through before they are brought to the resort.

You were kidnapped and wrongly imprisoned for being a war prisoner and sent of to the pleasure planet. You go through training and on your gay stories of farm slavery day as a pleasure slave you serve none other than the supreme leader.

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He takes a liking to you and decided to make you exclusive to him alone. Set in an alternative gay turkish oil wrestling when matriarchy rules and men must be owned and kept by women, called Sponsors.

A woman chooses to take a male into her home, provides for gay stories of farm slavery, and disciplines him.

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It is her duty to nurture his best fark instincts while keeping his more violent or destructive ones in check. Jensen Ackles is an actor and a highly trained pleasure slave, a male who has been abandoned by his Sponsor and birmingham alabama gay webpages out onto the streets.

Thinking he will have to be sent back to gay stories of farm slavery Pens--places of unimaginable horrors where men are stores within fences by armed guards--Jensen is surprised to learn that his female co-star, Rowan, is willing to take him into her household, alongside her long time male charge, Misha.

Caligula’s Slaves

Jensen finds himself gwy a difficult predicament, however, when he realizes he has feelings for both Rowan AND for Misha. His attraction to Rowan is allowed, and encouraged, of course. But his feelings for Misha are not. Top of Work Index.